All truths are not to be told

  "Some truths are better left unspoken. It is not always necessary to repeat something even though it be true."

I am a orthodox Christian who was born in Jerusalem in 1960 and raised within its walls. I grew up noticing and living through the corruption of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. While living in the States it become clear to me that this was an on going thing till today. I decided to publish this website so I can collect as much information and reveal information about the on going corruption of the Church in Jerusalem as a whole. I was inspired through a vision that the truth was covered by the church and blamed it all on Patriarch Irineos 1. I ask all of you clergymen of the Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem to reveal the truth and help in the release of Irineos 1.



The site is dedicated to the truth. And to uncover the conspiracy against Patriarch Irineos 1. Therefore we ask all the faithful Orthodox Christians in the
name of Truth and Justice and Christian Love, to help free our beloved
father Patriarch Irineos I. And contribute any information they know
about this conspiracy to this site so the truth might set us free.


  " Let not kindness and truth forsake thee: Bind them about thy neck;
    Write them upon the tablet of thy heart"
    Proverbs 3:3 (ASV)

Patriarch Irineos 1

Patriarch by the Mercy of God, of the Holy City of Jerusalem, All
Palestine, Syria of Arabia, Beyond the Jordan, Cana of Galilee and Holy Sion.
" Irineos 1, born Emmanuel Skopelitis in 1939 on the eastern
Aegean Island of Samos. Irineos 1, who came to Jerusalem in 1953, at age 15 and studied at the Greek Orthodox Seminary on Mt. Zion, graduated from the church's theological seminary in 1963. He became a monk and was ordained as a deacon in 1959; as a church elder in 1965,
followed by his ordination as an archimandrite the following year. He studied theology at the University of Athens. He served as editor of the New Zion review and as president of the Ecclesiastical Court of Appeals in Jerusalem before he was appointed as the patriarchate's
representative to Greece in 1979. He returned to Jerusalem after the death of Patriarch Diodoros.